5K Gübre

5K Gübre


Our vision serves as the framework for making satisfied and earning mutually all over the world with our nature-friendly and high technologic product and business models which supply to increase in high production. With advanced commercial models, our vision serves as the framework for enriching our company and our customers mutually in every sense by using sustainable configuration which supplies proper growing,also.


As 5k Mineral,our mission is being a company that presents healthy and high performance results and shares solution partnership in common to the productors and food chain by using our innovative,qualified,nature-friendly and high technologic products which consist of 'Nano-Mineral'



• We present sustainable and innovative solutions to our partnerships by innovative products and the way of working.


•We investigate the products and serves which consist of new idea and way of working in every country and we try them,then we share the ones poperly and quickly that are solution for our customers.


•We set business and information configuration which will transfer our product,serves and ideas without compromising our quality standard.We generate or follow scientific activies and fair organizations in many countries of the world.We share these formations to our customers and make them in common.


• Except for basic human needs (feed,shelter etc.), the most human need is 'Happiness'. We guarantee that our customers that we call 'our partnerships' are human except for everything,their time and money are valuable for us, proper and satistified working circumstances and results of our corporations and companies. The most ''profit'' of this philosophy is guaranting satistified and quality life as well as gaining job and money to us and our customers.


•We present our activities and workings in a reliable,legal and sharing way.We work devotedly for fulfilling our business and said commitment completely.We apply by experience one of the most significant issues of commercial activies are honest working atmosphere and communication model that is sustainable properly with our participants jointly.

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