345 E Series Cutting Engine

Product Code: CuttingEngine-001

Product Name: 345 E Series Cutting Engines
Description: Air-injection chain brake with minimal vibration moment of inertia
Technical specifications:
Cylinder volume: 45.0
Power: 2.2 kW / 3.0 hp
Recommended maximum value: 12 500 dd
Fuel tank volume: 2.25
Oil pump type: fixed flow
Cutting equipment:
Recommended length of guide: 33.45
Sound level: 100.5dB (A)
Noise emission Lwa: 113.0dB (A)
Vibration, front / rear handle 3.1m / s² /3.5m/2s²
Weight :
Weight excluding cutting equipment: 4.8kg
Features :
* Air injection
* Less vibration
* Intelligent operation
* Intelligent operating spring
* Combined, shock and stop control
* Quick-release cover for air filter
* Chain tension reducer
* Easy-to-reach fuel pump
* Chain flashlight working with the principle of inertia
* Benefits:
- The lower body, high center of gravity, and the flatness of the lower part, allow the machine to work very easily.
- The double-sided chain brake, right hand guard and chain lock make the saw more safe to use.
- Angle handle for better grip and natural working position.