Product Code: Soil-001

• WESOORB is a fine powder with a full particle size of 0.2mm. WESOORB, which has a water holding capacity of 400-600 times its volume, becomes hydrogel when combined with water. The soil remains active for an average of 4 years. The water absorption rate is approximately 2–5 minutes.
• WESOORB is a potassium-based cellulosic compound with a completely natural structure.
• WESOORB does not contain hormones and heavy metals, it is non-toxic.
• WESOORB does not harm plant, soil and human health.
• WESOORB does not freeze up to -60 ºC and prevents germination of seeds in early spring and late autumn.
• WESOORB disintegrates in soil at a rate of 10–15% per year. After losing its property in the soil, it is destroyed by microorganisms and returns to nature.
• WESOORB is not exposed to the sun in its active (gel) state and should be used completely under the ground.
• WESOORB has a neutral pH (pH = 7.12).
• WESOORB has no toxic effect.

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