Tipping Trailer

Product Code: TippingTrailer-001

SUPERSTRUCTURE: Tubular damper body is produced from imported steel sheet which is resistant to impacts and impacts with 450 HB hardness. HARDOX 450 HB and side walls 4 mm. HARDOX 450 HB features. Front and back cover 5 mm. St 52 is produced in sheet quality. The rear door is opened automatically from below by the damper lifting movement.

CHASSIS: It is manufactured with high strength imported DOMEX steel longitudinal carrier and traverses.

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: Damper movement is carried out with HİDROMAS brand 5 stage heavy type telescopic cylinder which provides 45 ° tilting angle. Hydraulic oil tank with suction filter, pneumatic control with pneumatic control, double speed lowering valve and border control is safe. SUSPENSION and AXLE: All AKTAŞ brand suspension bellows and parabolic double layer Z scissor suspension system is used. The front axle is lifted from the tow cabin. The drum or disc axle system is used. The SERTEL brand is preferred as a universal axle and BPW or SAF brands are preferred as imported axles.

BRAKE SYSTEM: WABCO 2S-2M EBS + RSS features are installed in accordance with 71/320 EWG. There are 2 S.F.K and 4 İ.F.K. ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: 2 × 7 and 1 × 15 polluting connections according to 76/756 EWG (SA-BA) KING - PIN: DIN 74080 (2 ’) bolt-on king-pin is used. MECHANICAL FEET: Single-side double speed speed 24 TON dynamic 50 TON static load capacity and gear transmission foot. TIRES AND RIMS: 6 + 1 R22,5 385/65 BRIDGESTONE tire and steel wheels.

PAINT: All metal surfaces after sandblasting 2-fold epoxy priming process enters the process and then the desired RAL code with 2-coat acrylic paint in a painting cabinet is painted. After the paint drying process is completed from various points of the thickness of the paint is made.

MARKING and SHEETS: 2 rear reflectors, Reflective tape application, 70 and 80 speed signs.

STANDARD ACCESSORIES: Lockable storage cupboard, Rubber block, FRP fenders (6 pieces), Bicycle railings, Water tank, Fire extinguisher box, Roller spare wheel carrier, Wheel wrench and handle

OPTIONAL FEATURES: New and imported sheet metal (St 52-Domex), JOST lifting leg, JOST king-pin, MICHELIN 385/65 R 22,5 Tire Aluminum Rim, Smartboard (WABCO), Mid-axle lifting system, RAL color as per request code

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