12-15-18 Tonne ,tandem Axle Trailer

  1. 12-15-18 Tonne ,tandem Axle Trailer in Turkey

Specifications 12 Tonne 15 Tonne 18 Tonne Case measurements 4800x220x700 mm 5000x2200x700 mm 6000x2300x700 mm Hydraulic Piston 4 level 4 level 5 level number of axle Tandem Tandem Tandem Tires 400/60-15,5 400/60-15,5 400/60-15,5 lifting jack Gearbox jack Hydraulic Jack Hydraulic Jack

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  • Authorized Person: Isa Çelik
  • Product Code: 1613

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12-15-18 Tonne ,tandem Axle Trailer in Turkey

12-15-18 Tonne ,tandem Axle Trailer

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