6135R Tractor

  1. 6135R Tractor in Turkey
  2. 6135R Tractor in Turkey

The ergonomic ComfortView cab has unparalleled comfort and vision CommandArm or right-hand console in the 4th Generation CommandCenter New integrated ergonomic electronic control lever with reusable buttons The Full Chassis Concept gives you more ride comfort, higher load carrying capacity, less stress on the engine and transmission, and the front linker is easier to mount than the front loader Designed for the new premium R Series front loaders Rated power (97 / 68EC) 99 kW (135 hp) With IPM (97 / 68EC) max. power 122 kW (166 hp) Maximum hydraulic flow 80 l / min, optional upgrade to 114 l / min Maximum rear lift capacity 6.800 kg

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6135R Tractor in Turkey

6135R Tractor

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