6250R Tractor

  1. 6250R Tractor in Turkey
  2. 6250R Tractor in Turkey

Tractors Lightweight: 9.3 t vehicle weight and maximum 15 t weight capacity Powerful: Up to 300 hp (with IPM) Intelligent: CommandPro driving strategy The 6R Series offers impressive capabilities and performance, combined with new and highest quality models. New models like all 6R Series tractors are also compatible with Stage IV DEF developed by John Deere engineers: 5 large chassis models from 175 hp to 250 hp (from 223 hp to 300 hp with IPM). Unique Power Density Compatible with Stage IV DEF

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  • Authorized Person: John Deere
  • Product Code: 6250R

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6250R Tractor in Turkey

6250R Tractor

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