Nimet 70E

  1. Nimet 70E in Turkey
  2. Nimet 70E in Turkey
  3. Nimet 70E in Turkey
  4. Nimet 70E in Turkey

Model: Nimet Series: E Traction: 4 WD (Four-Wheel) Cabin Type: Platform Horse Power: 68 Hp @ 2200 rpm Land Type: Field Type Number of Gears: 24 Forward / 24 Back Cylinder Volume / Number: 3.3 Liters / 3 Engine Type: Perkins 1103 D - 33TA Maximum Torque: 285 Nm @ 1400 rpm Lifting Capacity: 2600 kg

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  • Authorized Person: Turgay Soydemir
  • Product Code: 70E-001

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Nimet 70E in Turkey

Nimet 70E

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