Absograph 500

  1. Absograph 500 in Turkey

It measures water absorption capacity of dough and transfers the data to graphic, besides it prepares the dough sample for the next test (resistograph test) It gives information about flour properties if it is suitable for bread, pasta, biscuits. Easy to use with an ergonomic design It has a touchable screen, internal computer system, saves data. If required possible to use with mouse and keypad. It has connection ports RS232 and Ethernet The software can be updated with remote connection Comply with World standards. It has standard 300 gr dough mixing capacity Possible to record the results as PDF File Test data can be transferred with USB, Flash memory and printed It doesn’t require separately computer and screen Compatible with BASTAK Resistograph , collects all test data together Designed and produced in an easy-to-clean manner The results of Absograph comparable and equivalent with the Farinograph device The temperature of dough mixing container is adjustable At the of the test following data can be collected ; Viscoelasticity The water absorption capacity of flour Dough stability Development time Degree of softening Principle; measuring the resistance of dough against to the blades of the instrument. This resistance is transferred to the touchable screen as data and graphics. Resistance and results are changing depends on the dough viscosity

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Absograph 500 in Turkey

Absograph 500

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