5kg Bale

  1. 5kg Bale in Sri Lanka

We make various bale(15kg, 25kg, etc.) in various sizes and also as per the specific requests of our customer. 100% natural organic growing medium and multipurpose soil conditioner. Mainly use in farms, green houses and landscape seed germination. It’s consistent and uniform in texture. 5 KG Bale is also another ACI product used with break out material. The Material used for 5 KG bale is little older compared to Grow Bags and Planter Bags. This material ageing range from 1 year to six months. The Bale compressed with low comprseeion for grower to use easily which has final more than 75 liters out of the 5 Kg Material. Load-ability ranging from 224-256 per pallet depending on the way the bale is compressed.

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5kg Bale in Sri Lanka

5kg Bale

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