Activcal Calcium Chloride Fertilizer

  1. Activcal Calcium Chloride Fertilizer in Turkey

ACTIVCAL CALCIUM CHLORIDE FERTILIZER Guaranteed content (w / w) Water Soluble Calcium Oxide (CaO) 14% Calcium is an essential nutrient element for plants. Proper plant growth and product growth do not occur in calcium deficiency. Rotting and cracking occur in fruits and vegetables that cannot get enough calcium. Fruits that do not have sufficient calcium in their tissues are susceptible to physiological disorders and fungi that cause rotting during the storage process. EXPLANATION ACTIV CAL plays the main role in hardening and strengthening the cell walls and plant tissues in the plant. With this feature, it protects plant tissues from fungal and bacterial infections. It prevents frost damage due to weather conditions and gives the plant durability. It also contributes to stem elongation, plant growth and development by affecting the regulation of cell division and cell development. Symptoms such as bitter spots in apples and bottom rot in tomatoes are a result of calcium deficiency. A preliminary trial should be made while mixing CALCIUM with phosphorus fertilizers. The application should be made before irrigation or water should be given after the application. NOTE: CALCIUM should be applied alone. Product Application Time From the leaf From the ground Leafy Vegetables (lettuce, broccoli, celery, cabbage) Post confusion 200-250 ml / 100 lt water 0.5-1 lt / 1000 m² Edible Vegetables (tomato, pepper, eggplant, cucumber, clek, melon, watermelon, zucchini) Post-flowering and fruit development period 250-300 ml / 100 lt water 1-2 lt / 1000 m² Citrus and Fruit Trees (olive, apple, cherry, vineyard, hazelnut, walnut) Fruit formation period 300-400 ml / 100 lt water 1-2 lt / 1000 m² Ornamental Plants and Grass During the production season 200-250 ml / 100 lt water 0.5-1 lt / 1000 m²

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Activcal Calcium Chloride Fertilizer in Turkey

Activcal Calcium Chloride Fertilizer

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