BMS Superior Mower

  1. BMS Superior Mower in Turkey

Super S.B.S double action mowing machine has been produced according to the results of numerous trials in accordance with the Turkish agriculture and the norms that can be used by Turkish farmers comfortably. First and foremost, the farmer wants the mower to be high-capacity and robust so that animal feed and other crops are not subject to timely failures and pauses. Our country is at an adequate level in terms of agricultural technique and has a structure suitable for green fodder crops and grain harvest in terms of work yield and technical characteristics. 24 knives with a contemporary and well thought-out construction guarantee perfect operation even if used for many years with 12 spearguns

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  • Authorized Person: Bilal Torbali
  • Product Code: AgricMachine-01

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BMS Superior Mower in Turkey

BMS Superior Mower

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