1. Transportation in Turkey

Egefe Logistics has many years of experience in the transportation sector for road transport rental car organizations. It is meticulously fulfilled in providing this thing, in terms of leadership. Land transport, which is a simple model, is based on the principle of transporting it to Egefe Lojistik transfer centers by road and reaching it to the targeted points by road. With this transportation model, we prefer the collection and consolidation of the transfer centers by the road in the import-export center and still deliver it to the destination points by the road. Egefe Logistics; answer the basis of the technology for the establishment of different types of products from pharmaceuticals to textiles, flammable and poisonous chemicals, foodstuffs, cold chain products, heavy industrial products and high-tech electronic materials. Egefe has different service types according to transit times: Standard, Express, Super Express and Speedy.

Agriculture Companies in Turkey

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Transportation in Turkey


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