Universal Seed Drills AGT SM40

  1. Universal Seed Drills  AGT SM40 in Turkey

Combined seed drill is a sowing machine that transfers the seed, pulses, feed grains and fertilizer to the seed bed opened by the discs continuously, thanks to the helical sheaves, with the requested quantity and depth with the help of levelling system.Thanks to its structure, the hopper prevents seed and fertilizer to accumulate and therefore, an efficient seeding is performed by protecting bearing with the dusting system using dry system double bearings on the discs and by automatic or hydraulic disc penetration setting, which is performed optionally, that allows easy planting of the seed or fertilizer into the requested depth and it is easy to clean thanks to its discharging levers on each hopper.

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  • Authorized Person: Ahmet Kesek
  • Product Code: AGTSM40

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Universal Seed Drills  AGT SM40 in Turkey

Universal Seed Drills AGT SM40

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