1. Aquaculture  in Turkey
  2. Aquaculture  in Turkey
  3. Aquaculture  in Turkey
  4. Aquaculture  in Turkey
  5. Aquaculture  in Turkey

Gümüşdoğa has an approach that does not compromise on quality from hatchery to table thanks to its expert staff and advanced technology used in production. Our company is in the leading position in fish production in Turkey, and this production is spread across Turkey to the development of the agricultural industry. In our projects located in Muğla, Milas Kazıklı, Alagün, Tekeburnu, Toprakada, Gazitepe and İskele, off-shore cages produce 11700 tons of sea bream and sea bass per year. Again, 8 aquaculture engineers, 2 veterinarians and 10 aquaculture technicians are constantly controlled in these facilities. In our Fethiye Beach Ceylan facilities, 14 million 400 thousand juvenile trout production is made annually and this production is carried out in our off-shore cages in our trout breeding farms in Kayseri, Erzincan-Tercan, Kütahya-Domaniç, Burdur-Bucak, Muğla-Fethiye, Samsun-Bafra and Bursa-Osmangazi. 10.109 tons of trout is obtained annually by being fed with fully automatic camera systems. The products produced in these facilities were presented to the producer with Gümüşdoğa and other subcontracted brands and received high appreciation. Approximately pınai of total production is presented to export channel. Main export markets; Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and Spain, and also started to export to Canada. Loss-leak amounts in our facilities for 2017; There are a total of 1,218 units for our burns facility, 6,793 for our Sahilceylan plant, 17,870 for our Geyiktaş facility, 28,193 for our dam facility, 40,448 for our Ballıca facility. A total of -2,682 units for our burns facility, 7,500 for our Sahilceylan plant, 15,200 units for our Geyiktaşı facility, a total of 19,350 units for our Dam facility and 31,578 for our Ballıca facility, these losses are caused by the counting errors of personnel and grading machine. All facilities in our facilities are not allowed to escape, and all our activities are carried out under the control of our veterinarians and aquacultural engineers. Our loss / leak amount is within acceptable limits and does not require any special application. For 2018, a total of 24 kittens in Keban Ballıca facility were applied with 150 ppm seaflor bath method according to the recommendation of veterinarian. Yaniklar and Sahilceylan facilities do not use any medication for the first 3 months of 2018. In line with the recommendation of veterinary surgeons in 2018, we have simflor aqua P in our Burns facility in our 9 facilities and seaflor P in 5 kittens in our Sahilceylan facility and simflor aqua P immersion method in 5 infant pools. was applied. The production was continued considering the breakthrough times stated in the veterinary prescriptions.

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Aquaculture  in Turkey


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