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ARG 4050 SINGLE HEAD is a multifunctional hoeing machine used for the tillage of soils and for fighting against weed between the trees in vineyards, semi- and full shrub orchards with narrow planting distance. Thanks to the linear motor manufactured with superior technology that is controlled by connecting it to the electrical system of the tractor and thanks to the sensor system that responds to the actions instantaneously, it may get in and out of the area between the trees without any problem. Problems such as the need for extra strength by the hoe with sensors with a hydraulically controlled sliding mechanism and the pollution that may be caused by the hydraulic oil on the soil are prevented with the electronically controlled electronic motor (with IP 67 protection class that is used in aircraft technology), and the power requirement of the machine is reduced up to 10 per cent.

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  • Authorized Person: Osman Argün
  • Product Code: ARG 4050

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ARG 4050 in Turkey

ARG 4050

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