1. Aronia in Turkey

WHY ARONIA? Aronia fruit was used as a medicine by the American natives for centuries. Aronia is an antioxidant-rich, super fruit which is effective against the free radicals found in our body that harm the cells. Aronia, which is amongst the commonly used plants for cancer fighting, enables cells renewal. It is known to be good for cold, intestine and stomach disorders, cardiovascular diseases, chronic inflammations, liver impairments and many diseases in addition to cancer. Aronia has 4 times more antioxidant than strawberry, pomegranate and goji berry. Aronia fruit is a real vitamin and mineral source. It has all vitamins except B12 and D. Productivity of the virus free and true to name Aronia plants produced in our tissue culture laboratory is much higher. WHAT IS ARONIA? Aronia (Aronia Melanocarpa) is in the rosacea family, and generally called as the power fruit. Its origin is North America, but it is settled in Northeast Europe for a long time. American Indians benefited from this medicinal fruit for ages. They dried its fruits and used in their food. They also dried its leaves and made different teas. Mostly, it grows better in moist and peaty soils with full sunlight or partial shade. It grows in various soils, but does not like shallow and calcareous soils. It is cold resistant, up to -25°C degrees. Different planting distances can be used for Aronia, but usually 0.6 m X 4 m is preferred. It is a lush plant with dark green leaves which fascinatingly turn red in autumn. It blossoms around end of April – beginning of May. Flowering lasts about ten days and the white flowers creates a memorable landscape. Aronia fruits are purple violet colored and have a harsh taste. Fruits ripen in August and can stay on the plant for a long time. While average yield depends on care, it is between 0.5-1 kg per plant, in other words 2000-4000 kg/ha. Full ripened fruits have 18-20 brix. Fruits weigh 0.6-1 gr. One kilogram has around 1000 fruits. Harvesting takes about a month.

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Aronia in Turkey


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