Cattle Crush

  1. Cattle Crush in Turkey

Cows hoof care which are not made will reduce milk production and causes many illness. The cows which hoofs are cared regularly treads on the ground stable and this avoids many accidents which can cause disabilities. Hoof care should be done twice a year and is one of the most important, time consuming, most dangerous duty for your cow and carer. With INTERMİLK’s ergonomik and multifunctional cattle crash, you can do roof care, vaccinate, inseminate and treat your cows in a safer and much shorter time. Possibility to switch from automatic milking to manual milking during manual milking, from manual milking to automatic milking. Possibility to extend massage time during milking

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  • Authorized Person: Dilek Canbaz
  • Product Code: Whelled AE-MTRAVTE Weighing System AE-TRAVKAN

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Cattle Crush in Turkey

Cattle Crush

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