Cobra 600 Lt Auxiliary Current

  1. Cobra 600 Lt Auxiliary Current in Turkey

COBRA 600 LT AUXILIARY CURRENT Pulled and Hanged Type Models; - Fiberglass or polyethylene fresh water tank depot M-80, HS105, HS140 membrane pumps are optionally used with Italian pumps. - The tractor conveys the medicated water to the nozzles on the fan under pressure with the disinfection pump which takes action from the tail shaft. - Rotating propeller provides compressed air outlet to the environment. The nozzle and directional adjustment of the fan around the fan can be carried out by means of air circulating pressurized medicated water and all kinds of orchards, vineyards, high trees and citrus trees can be treated. - It takes the propeller movement in the fan system from the 2 speed stepper gearbox. It is also available in our models that take their movement from a single speed graded belt pulley. - Tractor can be mounted in the control (regulator) can be applied to the right or left side. - 400 lt. and 1200 lt. - 1600 lt and 2000 lt. models are available.

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  • Authorized Person: Ahmet Kesek
  • Product Code: AuxiliaryCurrent-001

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Cobra 600 Lt Auxiliary Current in Turkey

Cobra 600 Lt Auxiliary Current

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