Turkay Agliculture - Baller Machine

  1. Turkay Agliculture - Baller Machine in Turkey
  2. Turkay Agliculture - Baller Machine in Turkey
  3. Turkay Agliculture - Baller Machine in Turkey

Türkay Agliculture Machines has been presenting the balers, which have been designed as an environment friendly machine with its robust, strong and reliable structures, easy to use and with its easy usage, in the agricultural machinery sector after more than 55 years in the agricultural machinery sector, with the quality, privilege, guarantee and assurance of bales. TÜRKAY-Balya Makinası, which takes its movement from the tail shaft and connects to the tractor by a draw, aims to collect the remaining stems in the field after harvesting such as Wheat, Barley, Oat, Rye, Vetch, Korunga, Yonca, Egypt, Stalk and pressing into straw or straw and making them into bale. is an ideal machine designed to minimize tractor power requirements. The quality of the materials used in the machine has been tested in field conditions and selected according to the land structure of our country. It works quieter, smooth and faster than its peers. The collector width is 145-165 cm and the collector height adjustment is controlled hydraulically by the driver. Thus, at the end of the harvest at the end of the various heights can collect the stems. Thanks to its unique design, the pistol system works very efficiently. The robust structure ensures that damage to the stone and other objects can be minimized. The fan in the connecting group prevents dust entrapment and provides a comfortable operation of the connecting group. The illumination lamp behind the machine is beneficial in night work. We are producing balers; 3 rope with a large rake, 3 rope pies, 3 rope and 2 strands of rickety is presented to you with different model options.

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  • Authorized Person: Bilgin Türkay
  • Product Code: BalerMachine-003

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Turkay Agliculture - Baller Machine in Turkey

Turkay Agliculture - Baller Machine

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