Square Baler Machine

  1. Square Baler Machine in Turkey

Square Balers are excellent straw and hay collecting equipment. Optimum design, superior parameters, a long useful life and reliable operations: Regular design updating and improvement makes this offer remain attractive on domestic and international market. The proprietary balanced crank & piston system allows for the elimination of harmful vibrations, affecting both the operator and the tractor, and improve labor conditions. The Z-511 model is equipped with a hydraulic pick-up lifting system. Baler machine, binds faultlessly, bales adjustable from 0,3 meters to 1,3 meters protecting their rectangular side shapes. Tight and strong junction process helps a smooth transport of bales. In the entrance side even in case of extreme material loading, the material stream on collection auger and feeding unit keeps smoothly and without any jamming.

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  • Authorized Person: Ahmet Kesek
  • Product Code: BalerMachine-007

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Square Baler Machine in Turkey

Square Baler Machine

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