Oliver Barley Seed

  1. Oliver Barley Seed in Turkey

Oliver Morphological Characteristics: - The head type is short, stringy and has 6 rows. -Dane view is yellow and medium size. -The plant length is 130 - 140 cm Agricultural Characteristics: It is one of the earliest varieties of existing barley. - The amount of the crop should be 18-20 kg / da. - It is thick natural and resistant to cold. -The response against fertilization is very high. - It is resistant to sleep. -Dane yield varies between 500-950 kg / da according to the amount of precipitation. - It has high efficiency and bonding. Quality Features: -1000 grain weight is 35-40 g3hektolitre 70-80 kg, protein is 11-13% and there is no bread quality. Diseases and Pests: - Resistant to all diseases seen in cereals under common conditions.

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Oliver Barley Seed in Turkey

Oliver Barley Seed

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