Bbh Livestock Scales

  1. Bbh Livestock Scales in Turkey

BBH livestock scales,Cattle weight tracking is very important for profitability and livestock management. Kobastar BBH livestock scales are aiming to collect valuable data for your managements and observations. Low profile desing. Only 80 mm higher from ground. Easy to use. No need for loading ramps. scale indicator UW series High quality 4 pieces of load cells Hold feature to lock data on display for stable weighing. Easyly readable screen Rechargable battery, up to 40 hours continuous operation time with battery only. Electrostatic powder painted Overload and shock resistance platform 2 years of warranty, spare part and repair support Manufacturability in desired size and capacity Application Animal Farm Veterinary Options RS 485 Communucation Termal label printer External display Wireless connection Stainless steel platforms and load cells

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Bbh Livestock Scales in Turkey

Bbh Livestock Scales

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