Sugar Beet Harvester

  1. Sugar Beet Harvester in Turkey
  2. Sugar Beet Harvester in Turkey
  3. Sugar Beet Harvester in Turkey

AUTOMATIC SEARCH SYSTEM:The extracting deepness and the scratches distances stay stable by the automatic scratch following system and so the harvesting can be faster without damages. EXTRACTING SYSTEM:It creates confortable harvesting without damages in both very hard natured fields and in very muddy soft natured fields thanks to applied vibration of extacting legs. SECOND ROW PREPAROTARY SYSTEM :This system cleans the second row which is going to extract right after harvested first row by one special knife and two brushes implements.So it provides cleaner harvesting without damages. STRONG PUMP SYSTEM:Weight on the pumps are decreased with applying 3 independent pumps so it prevents possiblity of power lose and revolation deduction. HYDRAULIC OIL COOLER SYSTEM :Hydraulıc oil cooler system prevents oil heating in case of hot wheather condition so it ensures hydraulic system to work in continuous high performance.Electro hydraulic control unit is inserted into the special boz against the negative wheather and environmental conditions.

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Sugar Beet Harvester in Turkey

Sugar Beet Harvester

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