Bolat Fm-14 Power Tiller

  1. Bolat Fm-14 Power Tiller in Turkey

Engine: Single cylinder, 4-stroke, diesel Power: 12 HP Cylinder volume: 510 cc Starting: with starter Cooling system Air cooled Air filter: Cyclonic oil filter Engine oil capacity: 1.75 lt Specific fuel consumption: 190 g / hp.h Fuel tank capacity: 5.5 lt Clutch: Automotive type with disc umbrella Gear: 3 forward - 1 reverse Anchor width (min-max): 76-102-128-152 cm adjustable PTO: 2 PTO Number of blades: 32 Noise level: 75 dB

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Contact Information for Beybolat Tarim Makinalari

  • Authorized Person: Orcan Kas
  • Product Code: B-001

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Bolat Fm-14 Power Tiller in Turkey

Bolat Fm-14 Power Tiller

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