Ø90 x 300 mt. Boom Irrigation System

  1. Ø90 x 300 mt. Boom Irrigation System in Turkey
  2. Ø90 x 300 mt. Boom Irrigation System in Turkey
  3. Ø90 x 300 mt. Boom Irrigation System in Turkey
  4. Ø90 x 300 mt. Boom Irrigation System in Turkey
  5. Ø90 x 300 mt. Boom Irrigation System in Turkey

The machine consists of three main parts: the drum, the wing car and the gun car. Irrigation can be done easily with 1 person. This saves personnel and labor costs. The machine has the ability to rotate 180 degrees where it is located. This feature makes it easy for the user to change the line. Hose made of polyethylene material, 10 mm. has a thickness of 10 bar and is resistant to pressure. The hose is resistant to external influences and is not affected by friction. Machining; 4 gears are available as well as gas adjustment to adjust hose winding and irrigation speed. Irrigation speed thanks to gas adjustment and gears; 2 mt per hour. with 100 mt. It can be adjusted between. The wing car, in normal condition, has a height of 1.15 meters from the ground. This height can be raised up to 3 meters by a piston jack. Scales system is available in the wing car. Thanks to this system, it can be used without overturning on slopes. Wheel spacing of the wing car can be adjusted according to the product type and product loss is prevented. The width of the wing is 46 meters and the width of the irrigation (work) is 54 meters. There are 34 nozzles on the wing, which can be changed according to different product types and water pressure. These nozzles are between 4 and 10 mm. Available in different diameters, 3 sets of nozzles are supplied with the machine. 18-34 mm on the gun. There are interchangeable nozzles. Nozzles can be changed by the user according to the product type and water pressure. 25 to 80 mt depending on water pressure and wind strength with sprinkler. Water can be thrown across the semicircle. The machine is equipped with a brake system to prevent the drum from recirculating in intermediate stops and automatic stop when irrigation (hose winding) is finished. Watering wings, gun frame and drum body are completely galvanized. The machine chassis is double coat painted. The water inlet pipe can be supplied to the machine from the right or left side by means of double inlet water line pipe. Homogeneous irrigation in every area of ​​the land

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  • Product Code: BoomIrrigationSystem-001

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Ø90 x 300 mt. Boom Irrigation System in Turkey

Ø90 x 300 mt. Boom Irrigation System

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