Bozok 255T BT Gold Power

  1. Bozok 255T BT Gold Power in Turkey
  2. Bozok 255T BT Gold Power in Turkey
  3. Bozok 255T BT Gold Power in Turkey

BT GOLDPOWER equipped with new Highly efficient EURO Tier3-compliant 3-cylinder turbo, inter-cooler engines specified on the BT GOLDPOWER models built MORE POWER AND MORE TORQUE and require LESS DIESEL, and minimise Exhaust Emissions A product range combining performance, reliability, comfort and design. This is the great strength of BT GOLDPOWER tractors. The BT GOLDPOWER series comes in three models and various variants from 50 to 67 Engine HP that designed for specific applications : » For using in open field, For mowing, landscaping, tilling and transport, nothing’s more versatile than a BT GOLDPOWER Series tractors. » MINIMAX model (narrow orchard) with a reduced width, horizontal exhaust and other features making it ideal for use in any confined space applications, such as vineyards and orchards or for working inside greenhouses and ideal for work in small-sized orchards. » BAĞ-BAHÇE (ORCHARD) model (orchard) ideal for work in standard orchards.

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  • Authorized Person: Bozok Traktör
  • Product Code: Bozok255T

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Bozok 255T BT Gold Power in Turkey

Bozok 255T BT Gold Power

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