Bozok 275 4x4 Tractor

  1. Bozok 275 4x4 Tractor in Turkey

BOZOK 275 and BOZOK 290 tractor range uses powerfull High Torque PERKINS UK Engines , at 73,5 hp ISO (54 kW) and 82 Hp ISO ( 61kW) , these engines generate maximum torque at low engine speeds. · BOZOK 275 and BOZOK 290 Two Wheel Drive ( 4X2) and Four Wheel Drive (4X4) options are availabe and that enabling the BOZOK TRAKTOR models to cope with the widest range of applications of everyday tasks either on the field or on the transport · BOZOK 290 and BOZOK 275 model series Design simplicity, Large comfortable operator platform and Simple well-positioned mechanical controls are enabling the operator to easy to operate and easy access for servicing and maintenance. · BOZOK 290 and BOZOK 275 model series are equipped with Efficient Centre Shift Transmissions with 8+2 gearbox heavy-duty transmissions as standard. · BOZOK 290 and BOZOK 275 model series are equipped with power steering for easy manoeuvrability, spool valve for external hydraulics and oil immersed brakes for safety

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  • Authorized Person: Bozok Traktör
  • Product Code: Bozok275

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Bozok 275 4x4 Tractor in Turkey

Bozok 275 4x4 Tractor

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