Cow Bucket Milking Systems

  1. Cow Bucket Milking Systems in Turkey
  2. Cow Bucket Milking Systems in Turkey
  3. Cow Bucket Milking Systems in Turkey
  4. Cow Bucket Milking Systems in Turkey

Bucket Milking Systems: Capacity / Time: 10-30 Cows 1 Cow : 6-8 mins (by 1 person) Milking Principle : The milk collected inside the buckets, then transferred manually into the tank and storaged during the milking. Advantages : Protects milk from external factors Udder health Improves the quality of milk

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  • Authorized Person: Siraç Sezer
  • Product Code: BucketMilkingSystem-001

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Cow Bucket Milking Systems in Turkey

Cow Bucket Milking Systems

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