Kalatya-Calathea Medallion 60-80 cm

  1. Kalatya-Calathea Medallion 60-80 cm in Turkey
  2. Kalatya-Calathea Medallion 60-80 cm in Turkey

Kalatya - Calathea Medallion - Imported Plant 60-80 cm Kalatya - Calathea plants originate from the tropical South and Central America, Africa and the West Indies. Especially beautiful, brightly colored, upright, oval leaves are grown for, There are more than 300 different Calathea plant species, including man-made hybrids created by tissue cultures. They have vibrant colored patterns with different colors and shaped leaves. One of the most important features of the Kalatya plant is the first lights of the day together with the leaves to spread the light to get better, they take a messy form, evening hours when the ambient light begins to decrease leaves begin to sew you may notice that your plant has changed shape at different times of the day due to being closed.   Kalatya - Prayer Flower Care Recommendations LIGHT REQUEST The Kalatya plant likes bright indirect light, so it is ideal to place it in front of the east, west or north window. Too much direct sun burns the leaves and causes beautiful leaf colors to fade.     IRRIGATION Kalatyalar water is very sensitive to water, hard water, soft water, chlorinated water or low quality water, the leaves turn brown. It is therefore a good solution to use distilled water, storm water or rest your tap water overnight before use. The soil should be moist but never wet. Allow the top of the potting soil to dry before watering your plant.       FERTILIZATION Specially produced condensed liquid fertilizer-liquid for green plants in spring and summer nutrients in the recommended amounts of water by adding water to your plant can be fed. TEMPERATURE Kalatyalar should be observed at temperatures between 18 ° - 23 °, Cold and hard air currents or low temperatures can cause the leaves to curl, it causes deterioration of the leaf quality.     NEM REQUEST A high percentage of moisture is essential for the health of the calcane plants. When the air in a Calathea plant is very dry, the edges of the leaves get brown.   FLOWER TYPES There are some flowering species, as well as the vital leaves of the calcite plants. Calathea Crocata, White Ice and Brazil, as well as beautiful leaves in some species, such as beautiful flowers.   SOIL A potting soil with a good loose structure holding the water but still flowing quickly should be chosen.   TOXIC Kalatyalar is non-toxic indoor plants.

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Kalatya-Calathea Medallion 60-80 cm in Turkey

Kalatya-Calathea Medallion 60-80 cm

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