Calf Hutch

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30 - 35 kg Polyethylene Plastic Calf House Bottom is plastic injection grid Metal Bottom frame is galvanized Wheel Brake The front railing is Static Powder Oven Paint Today calf rearing became very important and focused issue for cattle production and breeding cattle breeding . Newborn calves gain immunity and resistance against diseases and other microbial organisms within the first 5 to 7 week period. In this period, calves are vulnerable to germs and diseases, and can be lung, diarrheal diseases. As a result, loss of 20% to 30% vital can occur. Polyethylene calf hutch is produced with original polyethylene plastic, does not contain recycling material and is not detrimental to health.. UV Sunlight proof, does not make greenhouse effect in summer, produced from 30 and 35 kg plastic and compared to other counterpart products it does not become brittle and crack. Disinfection process is very practical and does not occupy much space in storage. -Provides continuously fresh air and spacious space to move -It is made from one-piece polyethylene plastic -It has adjustale ventilation area at the top section -Double coated. cold-proof in winter. Hot-proof in summer -Lightweight easy to carry. -Provides to observe calves individually -Impact-resistant. -Provides optimal performance and growth rate -Does not brake. -Has compliance with the norms of human and animal health.

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Calf Hutch in Turkey

Calf Hutch

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