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Calf Shack Technical Specifications and Price Quotation Cabin: Material: HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE (HDPE) Dimensions: 170 * 120 * 130 cm Fence: Material: HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE (HDPE) Dimensions: 95 * 130 * 130 cm LILY INSPECTION: Material: HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE (HDPE) Dimensions: 125 CM * 300 CM * 5 cm Team Forming Parts: Kulube 1 Piece Fence 3 Pieces 3 Pieces of Feeder 2 Piece Bottle 1 Piece Kulube Fence Fasteners 4 Pcs Hinges 2 pcs 1 bottle 3 pieces of feed iron Front Door Caster 1 Piece Base of grid 30Adet GENERAL FEATURES OF THE DARK CLUB Calf house with our plastic fence in our teams; There are 1 hut, 1 fence (plastic fence), 2 canopy, 1 baby bottle and 3 feeder. Calf house teams; There are 1 shed, 1 fence (plastic fence), 1 shade, 1 bottle, 2 feeder. There are 30 pieces of grille. • Newborn calves living in healthy life, environment and maintenance conditions. The most risky period for calves is the first 6-8 week period after birth. Calf clubs are the most suitable shelter system for calves. The main aim in individual calf feeding is to provide a clean and healthy shelter for the calf away from the closed barn with diseases until the connection system of the refrigerator is connected. • Calf huts provide a dry, hygienic, healthy environment and good air environment to the calf • 100% polyethylene material is produced in one piece. • Our calf house teams consist of 1 hut, 1 fence, one canopy, 1 baby bottle, 2 feeder trays. • Ventilated. • Does not color. Durable. • Calves are not affected by hot and cold. • Has human and animal health norms. • Continuous fresh air and wide range of movement to the calves provide protection against infectious diseases. • Repair and cleaning in the room. It is light. Easy to carry. • It is able to observe as a calf producer. • Minimizes the cost of treatment for young animals in breeder operations. • Provides optimum performance and growth rate from calves. It is an excellent equipment which can be turned in favor of the company in a short time by ensuring that the milk is given at the border of the genetic capacities. • In our calf houses, if the feeding section does not get wet, there is a shade in the assembly. INSTALLATION AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. The calf hut is placed on a flat surface and the back side is placed on the north. 2. In the form of 2 pieces of anchors in the form of anchor lathes. 3. 2 pieces of 6 mm L at the plastic fence are connected to the hinge. 4. Ears on the front of the metal fence. 10 Metric 2 screws are connected to the canopy. 5. The feed iron in the team is passed to the pipes in the front and the plastic feeders are placed in the feed iron. 6. According to the use of the baby bottle suitable image 2 pieces of smart screw and 2.5-liter bottle is placed there by 180 degrees is turned (so that the bottle is not removed.) 7. The litter grates are arranged to be 125cm boys and 300cm boys and they are placed on the hut. The installation of the club will be completed after the wash is completed INSTRUCTION MANUAL • The calf shed is placed on a flat surface and the back side is placed on the north. • It is recommended that the place where the hut is to be made of soil and the straw of the club is sacrificed • 60-70 days calves look at calf centers. • At least 25 30 cm in the huts.

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Calf Shed in Turkey

Calf Shed

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