Cattle Milk Feed

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Simental Milk Feed Ingredients: It is a special feed prepared for simental cows, containing high digestible protein (19%), vitamins and minerals required by the animal for a day. In its composition, corn, corn gulut, wheat bran, DDGS wheat, Barley, ecomass, biscuit, sunflower meal, salt, oats, live yeast culture, vitamins (A, D, E) and minerals (Ca, P, Cu, Zn, Fe, Se, Mn, I) and BIOTIN. Key Benefits: The energy, protein, vitamin and mineral needs of the lactating cow are fully met. It minimizes health problems, especially foot diseases. Simental cows are produced in the most economical way in terms of nutrition. It decreases the cost of one liter of milk to the lowest level by increasing the utilization of feed. Since it contains all the vitamins and minerals the animal needs, it does not require additional vitamins and minerals. In particular, it minimizes the effects of heat stress. It prevents nutritional diseases such as tympani (swelling), acidosis and alkalosis. Improves milk quality Usage: It is used with high quality roughages. Consult the animal nutritionist of Yƶre Yem in terms of usage amount, duration and compliance with the ration given. Form and Packaging: Pellet, 50 kg sack.

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Cattle Milk Feed  in Turkey

Cattle Milk Feed

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