Cattle Milk Feed

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16% Crude Protein containing 2500 kcal metabolic energy It is a delicious and vitamin-rich milk feed used in low and medium-yielding dairy cattle. USAGE - If you are just starting to use EZO MILK FEED, it should be given 12 days of exercise. At least 2 meals a day should be given It should be given with quality roughage - Milking cattle with a daily milk yield up to 10-15 kg Used throughout the period. -Water should be given freely BENEFITS It is prepared according to the needs of dairy cattle. -It increases milk yield and milk fat. There is no need for additional vitamin supplements. -It has positive effects on fertility. ROUGH FEED USE IN DAIRY COWS At least 2-3 kinds of high quality roughage should be used. All of the roughages fed should have a high water content. - Moldy roughage should not be used.

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Cattle Milk Feed in Turkey

Cattle Milk Feed

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