Halis Cattle Feed Forage

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Feed Name: Halis Cattle Feed Forage Definition: It is a mixed feed formulated for feeding up to 40 days after the consumption of adult cattles and / or skeletal structure of adult cattle older than six (6) months. It contains all natural protein, energy, vitamins and minerals. Properties: - It is a convenient feed and easy to use and storage. - It contains all the nutrients that must be taken to maintain a good live weight increase and healthy structure. - Provides sufficient cellulose to protect against rumen problems by the addition of coarse feed. - Buffers were added to prevent acidosis and diarrhea. Usage: - Feed feed is gradually increased by giving very small quantities to the animal and feed amount is continued to be increased until the desired feeding level is reached. - Depending on the desired live weight gain, at least 100 kg live weight is given, at least 2.0 kg per day or up to 80% of the total dry matter is given HALIS feed. - Combined with coarse feed (TMR) as well as can be given after the rough feed alone. - It is given until the last 45 days of the meal and then the HALIS is fed to the fodder. Benefits: BENEFITS - Provides the creation of a healthy body for a good fattening and maintaining a healthy structure. - Prevents the formation of problems with intensive feeding. - With high energy required to take high live feed with high energy to ensure quick ends of the food. - It provides high performance with roughage like straw and silage. BASIC FOOD SUBSTANCES % Water,% (max) 12 Crude Protein,% (min) 15 Crude Cellulose,% (max) 13 Crude Ash,% (max) 9 Insoluble Ash in HCl,% (max) one NaCl,% (max) one Vitamin A, IU / kg (minimum) 5000 Vitamin D3, IU / kg (min) 700 Vitamin E, mg / kg (min) 30 Phosphorus% (at least) 0.5 Sodium,% (at least-most) 0.3-0.6 Calcium,% (at least-most) 1-2

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Halis Cattle Feed Forage in Turkey

Halis Cattle Feed Forage

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