inteTotal Besi Cattle Forage

  1.  inteTotal Besi Cattle Forage in Turkey

Vitamins and minerals added for fattening cattle, natural support What is inteTotal? inteTotal Nut, Targetox (Toxin Binder), vitamins and organic mineral mixtures, consisting of Rumisacc (live yeast and fermented metabolite), specially developed for fattening animals. The inteTotal Beef provides maximum amount of support to meet the most important vitamin and mineral needs of fattening cattle. What does inteTotal Feed provide for your animals? It allows the feed to be consumed lovingly and to benefit from the feed better. The daily need of vitamins provides the need for minerals. Supports the reduction of digestive system problems (such as swelling, acidosis and gastric arrest). * Prevents foot problems. Increases dry matter consumption. It helps to improve the physical appearance of fattening cattle (hair, nails, skin). It strengthens the immune system, increases the resistance against diseases. Helps reduce the negative effects of hot stress.

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 inteTotal Besi Cattle Forage in Turkey

inteTotal Besi Cattle Forage

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