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  1. Check Valves in Turkey
  2. Check Valves in Turkey
  3. Check Valves in Turkey

Gelisim ® Check Valves (Check Valves) are the best design valves used to prevent back flow. Swing, bolt-on (BB), replaceable sitring, full pass (Full) Lift-type check valves. Body Check Valve bodies are suitable for heavy working conditions and have shell thickness. Due to wide and suitable radius radius joints, turbulence and flow resistance are minimized during operation, providing a completely unobstructed flow. In 150, 300, 600 Lbs groups, the cover flange gasket seating surfaces are round female invoiced. The 600 Lbs group may be of the Ring joint type according to ANSI B16.20 standard upon request. Gasket seating surfaces on the valve lids of the 900 Lbs group comply with the ANSI B16.20 standard.

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Check Valves in Turkey

Check Valves

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