Prunus Cerasus (Kutahya Cherry) Sapling

  1. Prunus Cerasus (Kutahya Cherry)  Sapling in Turkey

PRUNUS CERASUS (K├╝tahya Cherry) Trees form a semi-upright crown and are very efficient. Fruits are round and very iris. The meat texture is hard, very juicy, less fibrous and the fruit water quality is very good. It is resistant to cracking. Fruits are sour delicious. Trees bloom in white to white in April-May. These plants are sour fruits, jam, fruit juice, pastry making etc. they are used for such purposes. The maturation of fruits is approximately from mid-June to the end. They live in every soil without distinguishing soil.

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Prunus Cerasus (Kutahya Cherry)  Sapling in Turkey

Prunus Cerasus (Kutahya Cherry) Sapling

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