Classic Turbo Atomizer

  1. Classic Turbo Atomizer in Turkey

»Optionally, 400 L .; 600 L .; 800 L .; 1000 L. Fiberglass or Polyethylene Tank (Main Boiler, Hand washing tank) »Pump: Optionally, Italian AR 503 (50 L./min., 3 pistons, 40 bar); AR 713 (70 L./min., 3 pistons, 40 bar); AR 1064 (106 L./min., 4 pistons, 50 bar) »Italian VDR 50 Control System »Fan Group: 28? and Galvanized (Standard) & Chrome Fan (Optional). »Propeller Blades: 8 blades, 5 levels adjustable " Air curtain »Propeller Movement is provided by Pulley - Belt System or Gearbox. »Propeller Movement is provided by a Double Speed Gearbox (1: 3,5 - 1: 4,5). »The nozzles on the fan are adjustable, they are two-way and also have the feature of closing. It can rotate 360° on its own axis. 1.5 mm on the adjustable side. There is a ceramic tip. 1.2 mm on the fixed side. There is a ceramic tip. »Hydraulic Mixing System »Stream Suction System »The shaft between the Pump Tractor

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  • Authorized Person: Eray Zingil
  • Product Code: PTM-001

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Classic Turbo Atomizer in Turkey

Classic Turbo Atomizer

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