Climate Control System - Dragon

  1. Climate Control System - Dragon in Turkey
  2. Climate Control System - Dragon in Turkey
  3. Climate Control System - Dragon in Turkey

PRODUCTS Climate Control Systems Vertical Growing Systems Monitoring & Management Climate Control Systems Dragon's patented application of liquid desiccant dehumidification technology allows it to capture the latent heat (humidity) and discharge outside without adding any unwanted sensible heat into the grow environment. This ability of Dragon has positioned it as the only dehumidification technology in the market that can offer a energy savings in the cooling or heating requirements of a grow operation. Dragon is a modular de-humidification system made out of indoor and outdoor units. Outdoor units include Regenerator (Machine Room + Regenerator Towers) Indoor Unit includes the air handling units which are also called Terminals. Dragon Dehumidification system also naturally dehumidifies, disinfects, and sterilizes air. Features: - 30-60% saving in heating and cooling requirements - Precise humidity management to consistently meet the requirements of VPD driven grow strategies - No unwanted sensible heat is added to the grow area during the process - High efficiency: 1.08 Gal of water with / 1 kW - Consistent and high performance at all required temperature and humidity level - Instead of creating bacteria, Dragon kills pathogens in the air naturally - Multizone Control with adjustable parameters - Advanced EMS and RMMS platform to automate, control and remote monitor all activities within the grow area ​Dragon is proven to increase product quality and yield using all-natural, efficient, and sustainable world wide patented technology.

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Climate Control System - Dragon in Turkey

Climate Control System - Dragon

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