Collecting Tank

  1. Collecting Tank in Turkey

Capacity 500 lt, 1000 lt, 1500 lt, 2000 lt, 3000 lt, 4000 lt, 5000 lt Model Single walled & isolated Elliptical & round models Construction Completely made of AISI 304 quality S.S. (optional AISI 316 quality) 1 st Wall body and side walls 2 - 2,5 mm Isolation wall 1,5 mm 50 mm thickness, isolated with high density CFC free polyurethane Manhole cover on the top, product inlet air vent Product outlet with butterfly valve, male union Designed to leave zero liquid in the tank after discharge Half-moon legs compatible with tank body Walking platform made of perforated plate coupled for 2 or more tanks on the top, outlet collectors, CIP line and ladder. Welded areas are 1st class Argon TIG welds and 1st class smooth polished. Option Auxiliary Chassis Vehicle chassis is connected with half-moon legs, suitable with vehicle chassis, epoxy painted platform Pump Cabinet AISI 304 quality S.S. cabinet Impeller pump (flexible impeller) connected with product inlet-outlet by union Reel Cabinet Manual drive, reel system with 12mt reel capacity AISI 304 quality S.S. cabinet Hinged cover Wired food hose

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  • Authorized Person: Basri Çaliskan
  • Product Code: CollectingTank-001

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Collecting Tank in Turkey

Collecting Tank

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