Combined Minimum Tillage

  1. Combined Minimum Tillage in Italy

Special combined grubber, thought for minimum tillage. Ideal for mixing and covering the stubbles of rice straw, wheat, beets and corn. Brought on lift, it is available with fixed or hydraulic foldable frame. STANDARD EQUIPMENT • III point linkage to the tractor. • Rigid anchors arranged on 2 working rows. Safety device with shearing bolt. Interchangeable ploughshare, with wings. • Rear parallelogram kit, adjustable, with a couple of convex discs, breaking and mixing, complete with pick up disc. •On the rear, it is possible to fit out the machine with: single cage roller, double cage roller, Spike roller, double wavy discs or ring roller.

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Combined Minimum Tillage in Italy

Combined Minimum Tillage

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