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"Since 1979, our company with commercial experience and accumulation with successes in the feed raw material sector has been working with A.B Gıda Sanayi ve Tic. Inc. Under its title. In addition to sales to the domestic market, export sales also play an important role. Especially Europe and Middle East countries are among the important foreign markets. Ab GıdaKabuklu Egg Production Plant started to serve with two egg clusters in 2000 and capacity was rapidly increased with the completion of chick enlargement coops, egg coops and cold air storage constructions in the following years. Due to the increased animal capacity, our feed factory in Bandırma has moved to new, computer controlled new facilities that were completed in 2004 in Manyas-Yeniköy, taking into account the increase in feed production capacity. Our company is continuing its stable and strong growth trend in egg production with new egg coops and chick breeding cluster projects. In recent years, in developed countries, the use of crustaceans in all kinds of manufacturing has been banned by health institutions, and in our country, it has been emphasized that eggs are used in food sector in accordance with hygiene standards. For this purpose Pasteurized Egg Plants, which came into service at Bandırma-Aksakal in 2002, offer products produced in hygienic conditions. STPP which is an important raw material in detergent and ceramics sector, food grade and technical grade phosphoric acid, viyole production facilities, organic fertilizer plants, egg dust production facilities A.B Gıda San. And Tic. It is the newest investment of AS. With these investments, our company is continuing a successful growth line."


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