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"Life on Earth began with photosynthetic bacteria in water. These bacteria have synthesized enzymes, proteins, hormones, amino acids and vitamins. They had the ability to turn solar energy into bio-energy.         After the oil builds up, he completes his missions and goes to sleep between the carbon molecules. Aca Tarim, using these bacteria with a new technology in agriculture, suggests an economic and natural solution to agricultural problems.         Ihsan Organik company; We are serving in the sector with our distributing agency in Aegean region         According to the reports of the United Nations; It is expected that the population of our Earth, which is 7 billion people, will be 10 billion in 2050.         The United Nations is preparing for a possible second quartile that will live within 5 years. Scientists are looking for solutions. Our company, which threatens humanity, does not remain insensitive."


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