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"Our company has been working as a manufacturer of manufacturing machinery since the 1969 food and chocolate industry. Since 1975 we have been working on the Bosphorus trademark chocolate manufacturing. Since 2001 we have been operating as a manufacturer in the food industry and machine manufacturing. ADA since 2007 as a registered company BOGAZICI pişmaniye palace halva, and we have been to all such food machinery manufacturing industry. All our manufacturing is established in yürütmekteyiz.2001 is registered with the manufacture of our work ethic and seriousness, the food industry has become one of the leading companies in the production machine. Our company is selling its standard products when it starts to operate, and today manufactures customized solutions for users. Our machines are also of high quality materials and modern technology is being used in Turkey and serves many customers abroad. Our primary goal is ""to provide high quality to our customers at affordable prices modern machines."""


Ada Bogaziçi Makina, Companies in Turkey

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Ada Bogaziçi Makina

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