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"Our Company AG TOHUM INDUSTRY TRADE INC. It was established on 2 March 2007 in Antalya Center. OUR COMPANY ACTIVITIES: It is research, development, production, trade, import and export of vegetable, fruit, seed, seedling, seedlings, all kinds of flowers and ornamental plants and seeds of oil plants. AVAILABLE ACTIVITIES OF OUR COMPANY: Our company, ENZA ZADEN B.V. Turkey Distributor of the company. Almost every type of vegetable product range is sold through a wide range of products (cucumber, tomato, pepper, zucchini and all leafy varieties) through its head merchants and regional product development managers. In addition, AG SEHHUM, ENZA ZADEN with Turkey and the Middle East, vegetable breeding, high quality, viruses and disease-resistant varieties of breeding activities are carried out. OBJECTIVES AND TARGETS: Developing and breeding new varieties in the field of hybrid vegetable pods, producing hybrid and self fertilizable seeds and meeting the market's needs in this direction. We are aiming to act together with domestic and foreign Public and Private Sector Research Organizations and Institutes while carrying out this aim. In addition, our country has an important presence in the world regarding geographical location and production of industrial plants, feed plants and soil improvement materials. For this reason, research and development studies related to industrial plants, feed plants and soil breeding materials will be carried out and it is aimed to pass production for export purposes. In order to supply high quality seedlings to the rapidly developing greenhouse sector in our country, we aim to establish a seedling production plant of 10.000 m2 in the first stage within the next two years and to grow according to the increasing needs of the sector. In addition to the above mentioned activities, our company aims to produce export-oriented production by establishing a high-tech greenhouse of 50.000 m2 especially in thermal regions within the five year business plan in order to evaluate the potential of our country's fruit and vegetable production. Our company is carrying out its activities by employing expert technical and administrative personnel in line with the stated aims and targets and is ready to give detailed information about all kinds of varieties. "


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