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- Founded as a small fuel station enterprise in 1964, Ağaçlı Group has turned into a pioneering model corporation in tourism, industry, logistics and service businesses in Turkey thanks to its substantial investments throughout the past 50 years steadily. - Having reached today by a constant focus on customer satisfaction, Ağaçlı Group has created a powerful trademark both locally and internationally with its business experience over 50 years. - Actively operating in the field of industry from 1995 to present, Ağaçlı has now successfully proved its advanced engineering experience on grain storage and handling systems. - Based in Aksaray, Ağaçlı Silo has integrated high-tech machinery lines at every stage of its production. - With its ready, qualified, experienced and specialized staff, the company has been carrying out its production in 100,000 sqm worksite. - Our factory is capable of processing 35,000 tonnes high-strength steel per year. - In addition to 1000 actively-employed staff within Ağaçlı Group, a specialized team of 100 people provides support for effective quality assurance inspections at our industrial production plant put into service in 2016.


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