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"Experience and competence! Since 1998, expert on modern agricultural practices and our company operates with an experienced team, with the soilless cultivation methods operating in 2008 ACCELERATED fresh green grass TRAINING MACHINES AND SYSTEMS Our additional etmiştir.sistem the production of our company on behalf of the registered Agritour brand in our country and businesses operating in the livestock sector abroad use of the sunulmaktadır.yenilikç solutions are always the agrimak is a company that sets the standard, high know-how thanks to the domestic with the interests of the technologies and products that emerge and abroad together with over 100 happy users took place in the sector and made gives more than the right of the in Turkey perceived quality the largest facility Agritour brand with a daily production capacity of 10ton fresh green grass in the climate of Turkey was established by our company. The size of the property in question in terms of capacity in areas in the first place as the world almaktadır.mevcut quality we achieved with the responsibility for this situation, not only today, we are aware that we are obliged to carry and continue further in the future. 100% of the domestic capital, our company is a market leader in the sector at national and international level. QUALITY politikamızt as leaders in the field of activity with the participation of employees, world-class standards and competitive conditions in providing products and services aim is to build the full satisfaction of customers; 1. motivation of the employees, the most valuable asset and the amount of continuous development in the foreground. 2 is based on exceeding customer expectations for product and service offering. 3. Establishes and implements modern management systems to upgrade the technical and financial aspects of the performance of organizations. 4. apply the latest technologies and aims to lead the innovation in the sector. 5. Full-time reliability and production principles, targets continuity and respectability. 6. Competition aims to create the best sectoral profitability and resource development investment 7. Products to employees, customers, the negative effects can be given to users and the environment is essential to minimize the. 8 is based on the management approach with the activities under the quality management system processes"


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