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"Our Agrita Feed Factory has been operating since 1999 in Söke lavatory. Agrita Yem factory established flake production facilities in cattle breeding in 2004 and introduced Turkish beef cattle to flaked grain products. Our factory is constantly working on improving cow breeds, increasing milk capacity and productivity, raising the quality of cows' lives. Currently, many projects supported by Tubitak are successfully carried out. Every step of the production process in our plant is made by stepping step by step from raw material entrance to packed feed exit with full traceability. Agrita bait is the main supplier of the largest cattle farms in Turkey (Efeler farm and Agrita cattle farms). Agrita has the flexibility to produce boutique products in line with the demands of customers while also providing intensive service to large farms. Agrita bait concentrates only on Ruminat feed production and therefore there is no raw material contamination in the products. In our country, feed products are generally shipped in PP wastes, which in turn brings serious labor and economic costs. Fodder silos, which are contracted for farms, are sold at the end of the contract at the end of the contract, provided that they provide service and support for farming ration counseling, herd management, pregnant heifers and male calf supplies. This provides advantages such as reduced feed costs, logistics, storage convenience advantages, and savings in loading and stacking workmanship. Agrita is proud to be the only feed mill to provide this service when setting up free feed silos."


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