Agromey is one of the largest and most successful representatives of the aquaculture sector by an accomplished integration of fish farming, fish processing and packaging facilities and fish feed production facilities. With an annual Sea Bass & Sea Bream production capacity of 24.000 tons, Agromey is the one of biggest producer and exporter in Turkey. Our products are packaged as natural or processed fresh chilled, frozen; under supervision of expert consultants in fish processing and packaging facilities locate in Aydin/Umurlu and Izmir/Karaburun that are managed by international quality standards. Besides fish farming; fish feeds are produced by the Agromarin brand in fish feed factory located at Izmir/Torbali. Fish feeds are used for own cage operations in Izmir / Karaburun and Aydin / Akbuk in addition to that they are supplied to other fish producers. We are continuously improving customer satisfaction by the trademark that we have strengthened as the main producer and supplier with reliable quality and competitive price advantage. Agromey , as a group of companies , maintains its production activities through ‘Agromey Gida ve Yem San.Tic.A.S. meanwhile export activities is held through “Agromey Dis Tic. A.S


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Fresh Chilled Whole Round Sea Bass supply
Fresh Chilled Sea Bass Fillets PBI supply
Fresh Chilled Cleaned Sea Bass supply

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